The cutest mini dresses under $100




Keeping up with the latest fashion trends isn’t always easy – or cheap. I sometimes struggle to find items that will both fit my personal taste and my wallet.
Now that we are almost into summer, it is time to show off those legs in some mini dresses! I love to play with different styles and colors, and every day has its own mood – so I rounded up my favorite ones in stock right now all under $100! 


I love a good LBD or LWD for those days in summer when bright colors just won’t cut it – or if I have any formal event that requires a certain sophisticated vibe. Black and/or white dresses are a must for every season, but I personally love them with tan skin and loose hair. And let’s be honest: these are the chicest dresses of them all!


I tend to stick to pastel colors all year long, but have been trying to wear more bright colors like red or orange. It can be so fun to style a bright yellow dress one day, then switch to a soft baby blue the next.


Nothing new about floral dresses for summer, they are and always will be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. I love to big flower patterns, since I find them eye catching and easy to pair with accessories. Smaller patterns bring curiosity and can be easier to pull off if you are more used to monochromatic dresses and trying to venture out of your comfort zone.