Day date outfit ideas

This post is called “day date outfit ideas”, but it could just as well be called “girl’s day outfit ideas” or “I just want to look cute today outfit ideas”. 

Getting dressed for a date is often stressful. Having been in a relationship for the better part of a decade, you’d think outfits and dates don’t really matter anymore but they do! I personally find it so important to keep treating your relationship like if it had just began, meaning paying attention to the little details like what to wear on a date. 

I like to dress up for what I know is coming, and that include 3 points:

1. Lots of food

A flowy top is a must, since I never (ever) want to be one of those girls who only eat a salad in front of their partner. I love to eat, and if we go out for brunch or lunch you can be sure I’ll have pancakes or eggs benedict, probably with a ton of maple syrup and fruits on the side (and possibly extra fries).

2. Lots of walking

Flats are my go-to on any day when I know I’ll be moving around. Heels are great, but flats are better (in my opinion). I love to go for walks around the city, in parks, or even in malls – yes shopping dates are a thing! These espadrilles are from Zara, and I love them, but to be honest they keep sliding off the back of my heels so I would recommend these ones instead.

3. Lots of cuddling

Is it even a date if you don’t hold hands or lock arms with your babe? Having gone on countless dates in the past 9 years, I have learned that it is sooo annoying when there is a big bag between the two of you – so now I only wear a crossbody bag that can be pushed in the front or the back, so prevent any interference in your love day! Sounds silly, but trust me: big totes are not your friends on these dates.


Top: Le Chateau (wearing size XS) // Pants: Dynamite (ON SALE wearing size 25) // Bag: Gigi New York // Shoes: Zara (wearing size 38)

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