Easy 4 ingredients ombre piña colada (non alcoholic)

Summer is in a week, and with that means BBQ, pool parties, and frozen drinks! 

My favorite cocktail has always been a piña colada, I mean give me all the pineapple in the world and it still wouldn’t be enough. True story, I can eat an entire pineapple in one sitting (and often buy 3 a week). 
I’ve almost entirely cut alcohol out of my life – with the exception of celebratory drinks aka champagne – so I wanted to find an easy recipe for this summer that would taste just as good without rum. This recipe only requires 4 ingredients (including ice!), so clearly it couldn’t be easier than that. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to make!

Scroll down for the how-to and list of things you’ll need.


2 cups of pineapple juice
1/2 cup of coconut cream
Raspberry or grenadine syrup


Pour the liquids into the blender.
Add ice.
Blend until desired consistency.
Pour into a glass, and gently add syrup in the centre.

Click on the photo below to see how Michelle made this lavender lemonade from scratch!