Guest room makeover on a budget

We’ve been living in our apartment for more than 4 years (5 in November). And up until now, our second room went from an office, to a closet, to a cloffice (closet AND office), and now it is a guest room! I finally pulled the plug after having welcomed so many people in the past few months – first my mom for two weeks, then my friend Michelle who stays over often and has (HAD) to sleep on the couch,… I felt terrible. But not anymore!!

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing all these people redoing their houses and they seem to have endless pockets with endless funds. That wasn’t the case for me, and I didn’t particularly feel like I wanted to spend $$$$ on a guest room (no matter how much I love our guests)!

It was so important to me that our guests feel welcomed and at home, while still have their space to relax.The bed is obviously the most important part of a guest room, but our room is quite small so I decided to skip the bed frame, get a queen size mattress and put it over a nice rug.
We were able to do that because this Polysleep mattress is antimicrobial (which means it prevents moisture from accumulating). We absolutely love it, the bounce is amazing and the support frame prevents the mattress from flattening – but the best part is the price!! Since I wanted to keep the room in our budget without compromising comfort, this came from heaven: under $800!!! The brand is 100% Canadian, and offers extremely high quality products for such an affordable price (I may or may not be hunting them down for some nice pillows for the guest room and our own bedroom!).

PS: I guess even 4 legged babies find it comfortable and cannot resist it!

Here are some of my tips when hosting friends and family:

1. Leave a bottle of fresh water and glasses by their bed.

2. Arrange a few books on a bookshelf or side table, in case someone cannot sleep (although highly doubtable with this mattress).

3. Make sure they have a chair or bench to leave their items on (we had a clothe rack but it just took too much space).

4. Offer them a night mask in case they like to sleep in complete darkness.

5. Fresh flowers, towels, and toothbrushes are always a nice touch!

6. Use the code MARIESBAZAAR50 for a $50 discount on your own Polysleep mattress!


Thank you Polysleep for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.