How to wear flats and still kick ass


Rounding up 13 of my favorite outfits with flats.

If I could get away with never wearing heels ever again, I know I would (with the exception of kitten heels of course!). I have always preferred flats to heels, for so many reason but the first one being DANG they are just waaaay more comfortable!!!

I remember my boyfriend once telling me that women who wear flats look more confident in themselves than women who wear heels. I don’t know if that applies to every woman, but it sure is the case for me (at least in my head). I find ballerinas give you a “don’t care what other people think” vibe – which I personally live by. I firmly believe it is all in your attitude, and if you feel confident in your shoes then you will look confident in your life.

PS: linking every outfit’s details underneath the photos (if something is sold out I linked to similar products).

PPS: the beige skinny pants are on sale for $25 and the pink floral mini dress is on sale for $35!