4 workouts I love to do to stay fit


One of the topics I am most often asked by you guys is fitness – and what I do to “stay fit”. 

For the longest time I pulled this post off because I just didn’t know what to say. I guess it’s because I just did random workouts here or there and just felt that wasn’t really worth sharing.

I’ve only taken real interest in my fitness routine in the past few months. The reason I decided to take things more seriously is super simple (and I am sure so many of you are the same). I LOVE TO EAT. I eat all the time, I eat everything in front of me, and I have no self-control – so if I am out and someone suggest desserts, you can bet your pretty dollars I am going to have some. Basically, I needed to create a balance if I wanted to keep enjoying food the way I do – and still fit in my pants!

I technically have 4 things I do to keep up with my health: I run, I do yoga, I do BBG, and I walk. I walk a lot. Like 10 km a day (approx. 6-7 miles a day).


I’m a super impatient person, so I can’t do an hour of yoga because my mind will go everywhere and I just will be counting the minutes until I am done – which is so not what yoga is about! So instead, I started doing yoga in the evening, for about 20-30 minutes before going to bed. I am LOVING this, since it gets me to relax and feel de-stressed before sleeping. I just go on YouTube and search for relaxation yoga, or bedtime yoga. I also found a channel that gives you 30 days of yoga for free and the girl teaching is so sweet and entertaining. I have found that while running builds my muscles, yoga elongates and tightens them, especially at the core.


If you asked me my entire life up to two months ago if I run, I would have laughed in your face. I have always hated running (always felt it was such a stupid thing to do, like who likes to run?!) Then a couple of months ago, I was at the gym and felt like running. Just like that, out of no where, I had extra energy and felt like I wanted to feel really exhausted and run! So weird, don’t ask me what went through my mind. 
So I just started to run on the treadmill, and realized I had a lot more endurance than I thought I would! I ran for 20 minutes non-stop (bare in mind I hadn’t been running for years). I just kept at it almost every day that month, until the weather got warm enough for me to run outside – which is sooooo much more fun! You get the feeling you’re actually going somewhere, and the strength with which I ran motivated me to go farther every time. I started running outside every other day (til I hurt my knee last week so now I am taking a bit of time off which is torture), and go for about 30-40 minutes. I love this time away from my phone, where it is just all about me and how I am feeling at that exact moment.



I’m sure you’ve heard of it is you are an Instagram lover, but if you haven’t let me enlighten you. BBG is a program created by a fitness guru, which you can do anywhere (I do it at home) and only takes 28 minutes of your day. You basically download an app called SWEAT, and follow the program from there. It is a 12 week program, where you workout 3 times a week and follow the steps “legs”, “arms and abs”, and “full body”, doing each once a week. I started months ago and got to week 7, then lost track and have just started again a few weeks ago (I am now on week 4). I alternate the BBG workouts with my runs – and give myself one day off a week.
Not going to lie, BBG is HARD. The first time I tried it, I didn’t stretch at the end (there is an option to stretch right on the app FYI, I just didn’t think I needed it… BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.) Let me tell ya I was the most sore I have ever been in my life. No joke. I couldn’t walk for two days
The program is amazing, and you get stronger with every workout (plus your abs will pop out like they never have before). If you’re worried about it being too strong you can start with the easier mode. Every one I have seen using the app has had amazing results!


I walk every where, all the time. Especially in summer. I don’t drive, I try to rarely take public transportation (unless I have to), and if I really have to get somewhere quickly I’ll usually bike. Other than that, I walk everywhere. I am very fortunate to live in a great location, 30 mins walking distance from the grocery store and 15 mins from downtown and all the restaurants (so you know the walk is worth it). I think walking is the easiest way to spend your energy – for me I do my best thinking when I walk. That’s when I’ll come up with new content ideas for my blog, that’s when a solution to a problem will pop up in my head,… I love to power walk too, since I am generally a fast walker. Power walking is basically when you move at a speed between walking and running. Easier on the knees, and I am pretty sure you actually lose more calories than when you run

PS: These are the brand new shoes I just bought that are recommended for running. Apparently the reason my knee has been hurting me for days is my old shoes (they were really not that old) were more of “workout” shoes – meaning they didn’t have the support you’d need for a run! 

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