The most Instagrammable cafes in Ottawa

Struggling to find places that not only serve good food but are also Instagram-worthy shall no longer be a problem in Ottawa!

Since we live in an era where taking pictures of your avocado toast/coffee art/plate of pasta (not as photogenic but it’s my fave so let it go) is an essential part of our days, I thought it might be a good idea to share my current top Instagrammable cafes with all you local peeps – and anyone who has a plan to visit O-town.

Stella Luna on Wellington

Cutest pastel coffee shop that also serves delicious ice cream and pastries. The light is always amazing and there’s no wifi which means you actually have to talk to each other!

Quelque Chose Patisserie

Every location in Ottawa is great, but my favorite is the one on Richmond in Westboro. The staff is extra sweet, the macaroons are SO good (try the lemon poppyseed one), and the whole shop is pink! Plus, they have a rooftop patio perfect for summer days with flowers everywhere.


Kind of new in the city, but oh so worth the mention. Everything is bright and airy, they have a large patio in the front, and if you go there you have got to try the French toasts! Best I’ve ever had before. That salad wasn’t bad either (to say the least). : )

Dreamland Cafe

Definitely new to the city (they opened their newest location in Little Italy 5 weeks ago), and brand new to me since I went there for the first time yesterday. If you are a pasta lover, do yourself a favor and skip the list directly to this one! That “rose all day” pasta was the I would have eaten a second serving. And it doesn’t hurt that the entire place is painted pink!

Arlington Five

Tiniest coffee shop, that makes delicious muffins! Try the rhubarb one, it is my favorite. Also, I wanted to take the furniture home with me, so there’s that…

Morning Owl on Parkdale

LOVED the wallpaper and the indoor patio they created. Plus they have the best location, and their iced tea is perfect for summer.


Long-time fave in Ottawa, especially in winter. They serve the BEST hot chocolate (their intense dark one is mouth watering) – and dying for the day they will serve something fresh for the summer! The light is always amazing here too, and you are basically in the mall with a view of the market. Pretty good with me.

Pure Kitchen 

I’ve only ever been to the location on Richmond (really close to Quelque Chose Patisserie), and love it. They specialize in vegetarian and vegan meals, and their rice cauliflower salad – the one above – is soooo good. They also have a rooftop patio! And the inside is all white and refreshing (after all it’s associated with the yoga studio right next door).


Le Moulin de Provence

Sounds French, and that’s because it is. LOVE that brick wall inside the shop, and the natural light that pours in all the time. Food wise, try the cheesecake it is delicious!!

Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe

All things I love: oatmeal, swing chairs, and good lighting. They do fancy oatmeal (tried the pesto one and the lemon one FYI that’s my favorite) and if you’re lucky you can grab the two swing chairs at the front of the cafe! 



Eve Cafe

Located inside Simons in the Rideau Centre – so tiny but sooo cute! They only have like 5-6 tables, but if you can find a spot you’ll get a great view of the city in a really cool retro decor.


Not exactly a coffee shop or cafe but I HAD to include it in this post because I loved the food and the vibe! They have an entire wall of polished bricks with plants hanging off of it and gold accents – can it be any more Instagrammable? I think not. They have tons of cocktails and delicious food (I also think they now have a patio in the front). Try their Greek salad – you can thank me after. : )

Cafe Cristal

Not exactly downtown (in Barrhaven), but so cozy and dreamy! I went there around Christmas time a lot and they completely decked the place with everything Christmas-y it just made my eyes sparkle. Everything is so old style, with fringe pillows and dark tones, but they have the best wall art (their mirrors are stunning) and they make delicious crepes!!

Raw Pulp & Grind

New on my list too, since I never knew about it until a few weeks ago. Tiny place with a large patio in the back (tons of colorful flower pots) and the best acai bowl in the city.