What to pack for a weekend getaway (and where to stay in Toronto)

Summer‘s the best season of the year, for oh so many reasons I couldn’t list them all. Choosing to fixate on one: summer getaways! 
I don’t want to hear that you prefer winter getaways – because one: that’s a big fat no for me, and two: winter is too cold to go anywhere except from your bed to your couch.

A few weeks ago I took of to Toronto (5h from here) for a few days with some girl friends, and I wanted to share with you a little bit about what I wore, what I packed, and where I stayed!


The easiest way for me to prepare my bag when traveling is to plan what I am going to wear in advance. So many times have I over-packed just because I didn’t know what I would want to wear – and ended up taking way too many things I never even took out of my bag!

I start putting my outfits together by wearing them at home, and once I am happy with how one turns out I take a photo of it in the mirror. That way it becomes way easier to pack because all I need to do is look at the photo and know exactly what accessories, shoes, bags, tops, pants,… to pack!
Bonus: you won’t spend as long getting ready when you’ll be away because your outfit will already be planned!


Packing outfits that will suit every occasion is a must. I always pack at least one dress in case the sun is out (vitamin D!), one evening outfit – because there is nothing worst than being underdressed if you go to a restaurant! And I always pack at least a couple of casual looks that include the same basics – a white tee and white jeans. I wore my denim jacket during the day (easy to tie around the waist if it gets hot), and my big favorite knit sweater as the evening rolled in – because I hate being cold!


We stayed at the beautiful Westin Harbour Castle right downtown in Toronto. LOVED the view from our balcony, I would have spent the entire time there (plus the tiny birds that came to hang out with me made me feel like I was in a Disney movie)!

The hotel staff is probably the best I ever have dealt with, we couldn’t find our reservation online and they took care of us like if we were from the royal family.

PS: highly recommend going for the buffet breakfast in the morning! Sooo good!!