A typical day as a digital influencer

This is always one of my favorite posts to read on other people’s blogs, so I decided to do one myself (satisfy the curiosity of so many who always DM and ask how bloggers spend their days)! While every day is different – some days are all about meetings and events, others are about computers and tech stuff (not my fave!), here’s how a “regular” day goes for me:


Wake up. One of the perks of working from home!


Morning tea – I am currently doing the Purgo Tea Tox. I don’t drink coffee or caffeine, but I find this tea wakes me up and gets my energy going first thing in the morning. It is made with all-natural ingredients and helps detox my body, which is perfect since I am going on vacation in a few weeks (no bloated belly here!).

9:05am (approximately)

Morning yoga. This is something I started doing this summer, and I am really enjoying it. I don’t do anything crazy, just stretches (I put on a video from YouTube). I often put pressure on myself in the morning to try and get everything done as fast as possible, and this helps me take a step back before even starting my day.


Breakfast AKA a bowl of cereal! I am still a kid in my heart, and there is nothing I love more than a bowl of cereal in the morning… or a toast (or 3) with Nutella.


Time to get to work! 
The first thing I do is go through my inbox and reply to all the emails I received since the day before. Some days this takes 15 minutes, others it can take 2 hours! 
Depending on which day of the week it is, I work on the next blog post (I am trying a new posting schedule Monday-Wednesday-Friday). This includes going through the photos, editing the ones I want to use, writing the content, sending it and getting it approved if it is being sponsored by a brand, and programming it to go live.
I also set all my phone call meetings in the morning – so that my mind is still sharp and clear to talk about contracts!


I often meet in the afternoons with Michelle to create content and have lunch. We are each other’s photographers, so our afternoons are usually quite busy since we alternate being in front of the camera and behind it! We get together a few times a week to make sure we have the content we need for the following week. That way we also don’t have to rush ourselves, and get to actually sit down for lunch (instead of going mad trying to create a week’s worth of content in 3h!).



This is usually the time where events take place, so you’ll find me at some media launch. If there is nothing planned that evening, I will usually take the time to go to the gym (I try to go at least 3 times a week). 

7pm (if no events)

Time to go home. I hate showering at the gym so I hold off until I am home (gross, I know, but the gym showers reeeaaaally don’t attract me). 
After that I’ll start making dinner – often chicken with some kind of salad or sweet potatoes or quinoa. I am also a HUGE pasta lover so I’ll have that at least twice a week (I would have it everyday if I could).


Evening cleanse. I cannot for the life of me go to sleep without having a cup of tea. I have been doing this for years, and love how it really is “me time”, when everything is quiet and I can just relax and unwind. Since I started the Purgo Tea detox, I drink the evening tea after my dinner and love how calm it makes me. Doing a tea detox (or tea-tox) isn’t just about detoxing your body, it is also about taking the time for yourself to breathe and take it easy, detoxing the mind. I usually will be cuddling with Tink (her purr makes everything better) and will avoid using any electronics for a good 30 minutes.


For the next 2h I will catch up with my shows, or watch a movie, read a book, and socialize on social media! Although I am on Instagram all day long, I sit down and interact with my audience the most around 10pm. I also love to catch up with my favourite YouTubers, and scroll through Pinterest for way (wayyy) too long.
PS: Right now, I am finishing The Handmaid’s Tale season 2, and also reading The Last Mrs. Parrish. I recommend both!


Bedtime. Although I’d lie if I said I wasn’t on my phone after that – we all do it! But I try to at least get into bed before midnight.

Thank you Purgo Tea for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.
Purgo Tea offers affordable 14 days or 28 days programs, is a Canadian company, and ships worldwide (free in Canada and the States).