The wardrobe essential every woman needs

I’ve wanted to share this wardrobe essential for the longest time, but always failed to find one that would be worth sharing. Truth is, I have used “sticky boobs” (that’s how I call them LOL) for years, but never found one that would reach my expectations. Sure, some knockoff versions will hold for one wear – maybe… But they definitely wouldn’t hold under this humidity and heat.

Then I decided to try Nubrathe original sticky bra.
Guys, there is no two ways to say this: nothing compares to Nubra. The stickiness (these babies won’t unstick on their own anytime soon) and comfort that comes from wearing their Feather-Lite bras – well it feels like you aren’t wearing anything, which is the whole point! I got my hands on two pairs, one being the Push Up Plunge (AH-MAZING for when you have plunging necklines!) and the other being their Super Padded bra (perfect for members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee!!). Both of them didn’t only reach my expectations, they exceeded them! I’ve never felt more secure and confident wearing sticky boobs before, I completely forgot I was wearing anything.
PS: they make shopping so much more fun too, because everything looks great right away when you put it on. No more straps or bulge created by uncomfortable bras, and no more visible bras through thin fabric either! The fair shade matches my skin tone so well it looks like it blends into me.

If you are unfamiliar with sticky bras, they are like “stickers” you put on your breasts that allow you to wear a ton of tops you wouldn’t be able to wear with a regular bra: open-back, low plunging, strapless, cutouts, etc. I am sharing a few snaps of outfits I wore while sporting the Push Up Plunge bra below.

How to care for your Nubra:

** Always clean your skin before putting on your Nubra (and avoid applying any moisturizer to the area where the adhesive will hold). **
** Always wash your Nubra after each use to remove any body oil and skin reside that may clog the surface of the adhesive. **
 Hold the cup in the palm of your hand, and gently use liquid soap and water (you can also purchase the Nubra Cleanser). Don’t use your fingernails!
 Rinse the cup with water and shake off the excess water.
** Always use the plastic cradle to store your Nubra (to let it dry: place the cups with the adhesive facing up, and leave the cradle open to let them air dry). **
** When your bra is completely dry, close the cradle to prevent any dust from getting in contact with the adhesive. **

If you follow the instructions, you can look forward to 25 WEARS!!

Thank you Nubra Canada for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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