A summer carnival & this pink cotton candy dress

A few days ago I convinced my friend Michelle (not much convincing needed, actually) to go to the fair with me – because I am basically a little girl living in a grown-up’s body. My love for cotton candy is unreal (always has been), and if you ask her she will confirm I spent the entire day jumping around with stars in my eyes (might have to blame the sugar rush for that one…).

Since summer is SADLY coming to an end, I decided to take this pink (cotton candy) dress out to play before I am forced to pack it away. I honestly can’t think of a better occasion to wear it – except I wouldn’t recommend doing the slides while wearing it… after all this is a kid-friendly event.

End of summer means final chance to attend festivals and carnivals while they are still in town! I love to accessorize accordingly, and since last summer I have loved wearing faux golden tattoos like this cuff I “tattooed” on myself. In all truthfulness I am terrible at remembering to add jewelry to my outfits, so this is actually super useful to me (and FYI it has been over a week and it is still intact on my wrist!). 

PS: tattoos don’t need to be limited to body ones! You can find a whole bunch more stickers here on StickerYou.com to add to your laptop, windows, jars,…