Transitioning to fall 101: the tuxedo dress

I’m a summer lover, so when it is time to start transitioning to the next season I try to find pieces that will allow me to still have the best of both worlds like this tuxedo/blazer dress. Still totally feeling like summer with my bare legs and cropped sleeves, yet slowly introducing plaids and darker fabrics to my wardrobe.

This style of dresses can be tricky to pull off because the fit needs to be JUST right. Cinching you at the waist (and your back) without being too tight on the hips, with narrow shoulders but a more relaxed neckline. I was hesitating between heels or boots, but turns out Meghan Markle just wore a similar one with pumps (see it here) sooo I ditched the booties that were my first choice and went with these black leather pumps for a more elegant and classic look.

I am also loving how my hair looks with richer fabrics and cannot wait to style this long bob of mine with sweaters and scarves (all in good times tho, all in good times).




Dress: Le Chateau (wearing size XS) // Bag: Le Chateau // Shoes: Le Chateau (wearing size 38) 


Photo credit: Michelle Kehoe