My complete guide to spending a week in Ibiza

Hi friends, long time no see!! It’s been almost an entire month with no blog content – for the simple reason that I have been travelling for 3.5 weeks and have completely (almost) turned off my phone! BEST. FEELING. EVER.

If you haven’t been following my adventures on Instagram (BTW all my videos have been saved as highlights on my account @mariesbazaar), you might not know where I’ve been. Honestly I’ve been all over the place LOL. First a week with my fam in Belgium and then travelled with my love to Ibiza and Italy! First time in Ibiza – and DEFINITELY NOT THE LAST.

I absolutely fell in love with the island. I didn’t really know what to expect, especially because I know it is known as “Sin Island” (that sounds so dramatic), but the place is a dream. Having been to several islands in the pasts, I thought we’d be facing a windy and humid climate, but not at all! Ibiza was exactly how you’d hope the weather would be on vacation: hot but dry (aka not so hot). The food… well Ibiza is a Spanish island so you’re basically eating some of the best sea food and drinking the best sangria. And the island life….. I don’t even know how to describe how Ibiza felt. You have everything there, from stunningly beautiful nature to crazy, unreal parties. 

I’m recapping our whole week there below, what I’d recommend you do if you plan a trip to the island, and sharing some outfits you need to get your hands on!

Where to stay:

We had the chance to stay at the beautiful Insotel Fenicia Prestige Thalasso Spa hotel. Probably one of the most stunning resorts I’ve ever been to.

The hotel is located in Santa Eulalia, which is about 20 minutes by car from Ibiza Old Town (where the parties are). Santa Eulalia is known to be a more quiet/luxurious side of the island, which is what I was looking for when finding a place to stay. Don’t get me wrong, you are still very close to all the parties and the “Ibiza experience”, but you are also in a very secluded area which might give you a bit more of a vacation vibe (and a bit more privacy).

Our room was huge, with an ensuite bathroom and a private balcony overlooking the river, the sea, and the pool of the hotel. It felt like we were staying in a VIP suite. I’d 100% stay there again if we were to go back in the future (the morning breakfast buffet is amazing!).

Where to eat:

If you are in Santa Eulalia, venture on the marina. We ate the most delicious paella at one of the restaurants at the end of the boardwalk (unfortunately I didn’t write down the name!). One of my friends recommended the restaurant El Rincon del Marino, also on the boardwalk. We didn’t get the chance to go there but apparently their tapas are the best in Santa Eulalia!
We also had lunch at Chiringuito Blue, a little restaurant righ to the beach in Santa Eulalia. We only ordered finger food like tzatziki & bread, and taboule. The cocktails were so so good, and you are literally inches away from having your toes in the sand. Great place for a bite when you are in a rush to get back on the beach!

In Ibiza Old Town we had dinner at La Oliva. The restaurant is in one of the tiny pedestrian streets, and the food is out of this world. We ordered the salmon (best I ever had) and the lamb – both are not our usual orders when we go out but we wanted to try something different. HIGHLY recommend you go there!

On our last day we had lunch at Atzaro. You guys. The food is expensive, but it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. First of all, I have never seen a restaurant (ok it’s also a hotel/spa) this beautiful. There are flower bushes everywhere and it is in the middle of nowhere at the centre of the island (we might have gotten a bit lost before finding it). We went all out ordering appetizers, first courses, cocktails,… Slight hit in our budget but I would do it again in a second. Maybe save that place if you have something to celebrate like a birthday or anniversary? Or maybe plan to spend the whole day there and have access to their outdoor pools and spa areas – I wish we had!

What to do:

There is SO MUCH to do in Ibiza! Between the parties (obviously), the beaches, the nature, the history… The island really gives you a taste of everything. 

Our second day on the island we decided to go to Formentera. Please make that your #1 thing to do when travelling to the Balearic Islands. Formentera is a tiny island (I believe we were told it is 20km long) with the most beautiful beaches and turquoise water you’ve ever seen! One of the beaches we went to, Playa Illetes, even had pink sand – due to the seashells collecting at the edge of the water. A DREAM.
We spent the entire afternoon on the beach and swimming in the water, then we rented electric bikes (we were on vacation after all) and biked around the west coast. We didn’t have enough time, but if you find yourself there we were told the east side of Formentera is beautiful for sightseeing. You should be able to have a view of the entire island from there – so if you go please send me a photo!
To get to Formentera you have to take a ferry from Ibiza, which is about 30 mins long (but who cares because the view is insane anyways) and it costs about 20-30 euros per person. 

We spent an entire day beach hopping through the north of the island – mainly because our hotel concierge recommended it to us but also because we had rented a convertible car and were so excited to drive through the mountains and see the scenery! We literally found the most private, hidden beach we’d ever seen called Cala Xuclar. It felt like if we were the only ones knowing about this place (there were like 3 people there), as if we stumbled onto a secret place. The water was insane going from light turquoise to deep blue, with the mountains around us and the rocks we could climb to get a better view. If you have a car (highly recommend you rent a car if you go to Ibiza) do yourself a favor and find this beach. And even if you don’t find it, the simple pleasure of driving around with views like these is enough.

Ibiza Old Town is just as charming and beautiful as I’d hoped, with flowers everywhere and historic old buildings all around. It is a pedestrian area, so the streets are tiny and packed with restaurants and boutiques. There are gelato shops everywhere and local artisans selling their products (Ibiza is a very hippy island, so you’ll find a ton of homemade jewelry, crafts, clothes,…). There are SO. MANY. STEPS to climb in Old Town since it is located on top of a hill, and you are actually inside the walls of a fortress so it feels like you are stepping back in time.

You cannot go to Ibiza without going clubbing. And by that, I really mean going clubbing in the biggest, most insane way possible. I’ve been to clubs in the past (although I am not a huge party girl), but NOTHING like going to clubs in Ibiza. Our vacation fell right into “Closing Week“, which meant that every club was having their last parties of the season that week – AKA every one wanted to go out with a bang, AKA it was insane in the best way possible. We got to go to the closing party of David Guetta at Ushuaiahighlight of the trip by far. The people, the music, the fireworks, the lights,… I can’t even find the words to describe what it felt like being there, even when I try to explain to myself. You just burst with energy, you dance until your shoes fall off of your feet, you jump until your legs get sore, you sing until you lose your voice (I definitely lost mine),… 100000% recommend you go to one of these parties, even if you are a homebody like me who would prefer a book and a bath. It is an experience unlike anything else! 
We also went to the Craig David TS5 closing pool party at Ibiza Rocks. Definitely not what I do in my spare time LOL but so so so much fun! Basically it is exactly what you think it is: a party, by a pool, with 5000 people, with booze, in the middle of the day. Everyone is in swimsuit, everyone is dancing, and then (almost) everyone is jumping in the pool. 

What to wear:

Obviously to each their own, but I love to wear dresses when I am on vacation! So naturally that’s basically ALL I packed, with the exception of a few swimsuits and shorts, and some sandals. Here are some of my favorite outfits I wore in Ibiza, that I believe were perfect for the weather and vibe of the island. 

The prettiest white maxi dress I have seen, perfect for after a day at the beach (and perfect for a big dinner!). I wore this one again in Italy a week later and loved it there too! I wasn’t sure when I packed it because it isn’t the lightest of all dresses, but so so glad I took it with me! I felt like a goddess (my boyfriend didn’t complain either).

PERFECT beach dress! Super light and flowy, not too tight on the skin (if you are like me and tend to get too much sun at once, it feels so good to wear something that won’t rub you). I wore this in Formentera and even ended up sitting in the water with it – sharing a blooper at the end of the post! Plus, it is on major sale!

Probably my favorite dress this summer. I randomly found the brand on Instagram a few weeks before my vacation, and ended up on their website (they are Australian). I saw this dress and I am pretty sure it only took me 30 seconds between the moment I saw it and the moment I ordered it. It is the lightest (feels like water between your fingers), prettiest dress I have worn all summer. I loved the off shoulder cut and how it looked with a belt tied around my waist. I already can’t wait until next summer to take it out again.

I got this bikini on sale (mostly because I wanted an off shoulder one), but I really wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. I brought others with me but this is the one I wore the most. So comfortable and flattering, plus you can remove the off shoulder parts if you want to tan. The bottom is so cute too with ruffles, and I love how it looked with these super high waisted shorts.

I’m a sucker for pink so this lace midi dress was a no brainer when I was packing my bags. It fits like a glove (I got my regular size) and the lace kind of helps hiding that food baby (I call my food baby Ruby) when you eat to your heart’s content. If you have any plans of going somewhere warm this winter, pack this with you! When I tried it on at home I was pale like a ghost and it already looked beautiful, but there is nothing like wearing a summer dress when your body is all sunkissed – am I right?

Definitely loved this maxi floral dress, mostly because the back is completely open. I have been a sucker for satin this summer, so this dress hit the spot for me! It is quite heavy though, so if you are trying to pack light either skip it (but I don’t really recommend that), or get rid of unnecessary things like jeans! Who wears jeans on vacation anyways?

Ok completely showing you the opposite of what I just wrote above, but these white skinny jeans are probably my most worn pair of pants all summer. They are SUPEr high waisted, and they are cropped at the end so you get to show off a bit of your tanned legs. I wore them every time I had to fly (which ended up being like 6 times in a span of 3 weeks), I wore them in Italy multiple days in a row, and I wore them here on our last day in Ibiza. 100% recommend them to you if you are looking for a good pair (and even if you aren’t). Also, this was my “travel purse” and I am obsessed with it! Perfect size for everything without having too much, if you know what I mean?

As promised:

(I make it look a lot more dramatic than it was…)



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