Fall Bucket List: Hiking

“Autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Camus.

There is something magical about experiencing fall like we do here in Canada, because let’s be real: Canada does it best. We might not have a real spring season (jumping from -30 to +30 in the span of a few weeks), but DANG we have fall.

I love being outdoors all year long – OK maybe a little less in freezing temps – and hiking is one of my favourite activities to do. I walk every day, but that’s mostly to get from point A to point B aka not to live in the moment if you know what I mean. But in fall there is nothing I love more than escaping the city (this is 15 mins away from where I live so technically I didn’t escape that far), putting on my workout clothes, and going somewhere the wifi doesn’t exist for a breath of *actual* fresh air.

In the past I’ve always favoured warmth over style/comfort when it comes to outerwear, mainly because 1. I am always cold, and 2. there isn’t a lot of choice for a jacket that would tick all the boxes. 
Luckily this year – well really, 4 days ago – lululemon came to my rescue and I feel like a new woman. Little confession: this is my first time owning lululemon, and I blame EVERYONE in my life for not getting me on board of the comfort train earlier. Seriously!

Their 2018 outerwear is not only warm (it went down to -1 and I was A-OK #thumbsup), it is incredibly snugly and stylish. But the best part is the weight. All (all all all all) my warmer jackets and coats have always weighted half a ton, however this Cloudscape jacket (appropriately named if you ask me) is lighter than my water bottle you guys! It feels like wearing a cloud of warmth and comfort that is perfect for cooler weather and allows you to live the best version of yourself!

PS: it started snowing while we were hiking, nothing crazy but enough to get us wet. Happy to report this jacket is waterproof AKA you are ready for any moment, any weather!

PPS: if you are curious about the hike we went on, we did the King Mountain Trail in the Gatineau Park. Beautiful scenery especially at this time of year, enough stairs that it feels like a challenge/real workout, and the lookout point at the top of the hill is worth being out of breath for.

OUTERWEAR: Cloudscape Jacket 

LEGGINGS: In Movement 7/8 Tight

SWEATSHIRT (not visible in photos, but OH so perfect for working out):
Front Of The Pack 1/2 Zip Nulux

 – Thank you so much lululemon and Shopping Links for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.



  • Angela

    This jacket looks amazing on you. I just picked it up the other day but trying to decide on size. What size are you wearing?

    • Marie

      Thank you so much Angela! I got the smallest size (I believe a size 2), but to be honest if there had been a 0 I would have taken that one. It sizes kind of big, so size down! But it is such an AMAZING jacket, I wear it all the time (even when we had -15 last week – didn’t get cold!)