Gifts for anyone on your list (under $100)

1. That’s What She Said game
Fan of Michael Scott? Do you sometimes find you have a twisted spirit? This game is for you!! Most fun I’ve had in a long time (there’s even a video on my YouTube channel where I played it with two girl friends). Perfect for parties with friends and family.
– Thank you That’s What She Said Game
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2. Monogram mug
Safe bet when it comes to getting a gift for that one person who is so hard to shop for! Bonus point if you gift it with a package of hot chocolate!

3. Polaroid camera
If you and your loved ones are anything like me, we love to take photos but never end up printing them! This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to capture moments (you can also gift it with an empty frame, so they can stage the polaroids they take)!

4. Marble cheeseboard
Wether you are gifting it to your best friend who loves to eat, or to your boyfriend who loves to cook, this gift will stay with them for many years! Chances are they will one day show it to their children!

5. Ugg throw
Have you ever touched a blanket and thought to yourself you would like to live in this softness? This is it! Perfect for anyone who loves to cuddle and read a book, watch a movie, or just enjoy life in comfort.

6. Swell barware set
Parties with your friends will get an upgrade with this marble set! Anyone who enjoys cocktails will love this gift (and possibly make the best concoctions)!

7. Tile combo pack
This is for the ones who constantly lose their keys or phones! I personally gifted one to my brother a couple of months ago and he has been using it constantly! Always misplaces his keys.

8. Aromatherapy diffuser set
If anyone who thinks of getting me a gift for the holiday sees this, please get me this. I LOVE to diffuse oils, and this one also brings such a soft and smooth light – perfect for meditation, relaxation,…

9. Cat-eye glasses
This is for the stylish sophisticated girls in your life. Small glasses are super trendy right now, and these have a “Audrey Hepburn” look to them – you can be sure they will love them!

10. Name a star kit
I gifted this last year to a friend, and I thought this was one of my best gifts given – ever. How amazing is it that you get to name a star! The kit gives you all the information where you can locate the star in the sky, as well as a certificate once you’ve submitted the name.

11. Diptyque candle set
Probably one of the best/safest gift to give someone who is hard to shop for: multiple candles. That way it is pretty assured there’ll be at least one that they’ll love, and who doesn’t enjoy candles?