Cozy holiday look – velvet pants & chunky knits

While I LOVE to dress up in sequins, glitter, sparkles and basically anything that shines, spending the holidays in Canada (aka the North Pole) means it will be chilly. So if I can find an outfit that will both keep me toasty and will make me feel festive, you can be sure I will not hesitate.

SO happy velvet is in this season, I’ve always loved the warm and soft fabric!

It’s no secret wide pants are my jam (as evidenced here, here and here), so when I saw these forest green velvet wide leg trousers in store I had to have them. I was hesitating about getting a bigger size just to have them be floor-length, but I decided to stick to my usual size, unstitch the hemline and then restitch it a bit lower (if that makes sense). I think it is more important to have them fit right around the waist.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! We had not planned on snow and it just started half way through taking them. It just made me feel like I was living in a snow globe : )


Also loving the fact that hair accessories are coming back in style! These golden hair clips are a favorite of mine, and are only $9 for 6!

More hair accessories:


Photography by Sara Algubaa


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