Pandora’s new Spring collection launch in Toronto

Hi loves!

This post is as much for is for all of you as much as it is for myself, as I want to remember everything from the past few days! I had the immense pleasure of being asked to host not one but TWO events with Pandora in Toronto for the launch of the new Spring collection: Pandora Garden
On Wednesday we headed (we meaning Michelle and I) to Toronto in preparation of the first event that Thursday – the big one. Pandora had asked me if I wanted to host the launch at the Eaton Centre on the 14th, which consisted of tons of food, flowers, photos, and of course jewelry! But, not going to lie, the best part was by FAR meeting so many of you guys who came to meet me at the store!!! My heart could have burst with so much love. I wanted to hug all of you and chat about life and just get to know you – it makes everything so real and so worth it! I’m sharing a few of the posts you guys sent me or tagged me in while you came to visit me, and I have all of them safely saved in my phone (just in case I ever need a reason to remind myself why I love my job so dang much).

And of course because this blog is mostly about fashion AND because I probably received 50 questions about this white strapless lace jumpsuit when sharing it in my stories, here are more photos! I LOVE IT. Cannot stress it enough, I think it is absolutely stunning (even more in person if you can believe it), it is lined so nothing will show through, and it has pockets! I kept telling myself I would absolutely wear this to get married – not that I am any time soon. 

PS: all the jewelry I am wearing is from Pandora’s new collection! Find my rose gold flower ring here and my gold branch necklace here : )

We had the unbelievable opportunity to stay at the One King West hotel & residence in the heart of Toronto. So many benefits staying there, but the main one was the incredible location! We basically walked – everywhere. No need for any extra transportation, the Eaton Centre was 10 minutes away, and there are restaurants at every corner. 

Our room was on the 44th (!!!) floor of the hotel, with a view of the CN Tower – I had never stayed this high before and it was every bit as insane as you can imagine! LOVED it! 

Plus the hotel is extremely luxurious and has so much character, the lobby has a whole bunch of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, everything is white marble, and you get the feeling you are in a castle. Honestly, I felt right at home the entire time! I cannot wait to go back, if you are ever in Toronto I couldn’t recommend this hotel enough. PS: I totally ordered a pizza from room service the last night I was there – after having had Italian for dinner. And I am not regretting it one bit! So so good.

Hotel photo credit: myself and