How to look like a million $$$ on a budget

Stick to your budget and look super cute

Stylish on a budget | shopping smart | backless shirt | blue jeans | marie's bazaar | bangs | floral clutch

One of my favourite looks as of late. Choosing pieces that will compliment me and make me look my best for a night out is fun – but that can sometimes be expensive. There is a stigma that if you want to look expensive, you have to spend the $$$. Everything I am wearing in this post is under $100 (actually, everything but one is under $60) and is linked at the end of the post.  

Here are my 5 tips to help you look your best (and chicest) while sticking to your budget:

1. Less is more.
If your goal is to look like a million bucks, then keep this in mind: everything in moderation. Perfume? Don’t overspray it, there’s nothing like walking by someone and having their scent overpower everything (also keep in mind not everyone has the same taste when it comes to perfume). Fake tan? Don’t over layer it, because those orange patches are nothing if not cringe-worthy (maybe try a lighter tan product if you are prone to getting those marks on your skin). Makeup? Try to think of someone you admire when it comes to their aesthetics. The royals for example. Have you ever seen the Duchess of Cambridge with a crazy cat eye & red lips? Too much bronzer or highlighter? That crazy white circle under the eyes from using too much concealer? Maybe try being a bit gentler with your application and stick with one part of your face: if you choose to go for a dramatic eye, then keep the rest neutral. Same for the lips. Or all together, try that “no-makeup” makeup for a fresh face that will make you look healthy and glowy (and will keep everyone guessing what your secret is).
That also applies to your jewelry. Wearing delicate pieces like this Swarovski crystal bracelet from Roma Jewelry will show off your elegance without throwing it in someone else’s face. Wearing a simple, elegant piece like that polishes your entire look and makes you appear put together without overdoing it. And when you go for delicate jewels, the good thing is that you can wear and re-wear them: they become your everyday jewelry you won’t want to take off.

2. Confident hairstyles.
A woman’s hairstyle is like a comfort blanket. If you don’t like your hair, chances are you will be feeling self conscious about your appearance and that will impact your entire mood. Instead, try to find a hairstyle that you feel good in. I read somewhere that most women feel powerful with their hair down. If that is the case for you, stick with it but make sure to brush your hair! Messy, tangled long hair makes you look like you don’t care. Personally, I love low-buns because they don’t require much styling and are elegant (also a great way to show off your neck and clavicle – considered to be some of the most delicate parts of a woman’s body). If you feel adventurous, try playing around with you hair: I ordered this faux fringe for a new style without the commitment. I used to have bangs a couple of years ago, and while I loved them they became super high maintenance and took forever to grow back. I love the look of innocence these give me, while being a statement and making my entire look a lot more sophisticated and interesting. 

3. Trendy pieces in neutral colours
Following fashion trends is super fun but they don’t tend to last. So when you find something you really like (personally I am living for the one-shoulder trend coming back), try to go for neutral colours – that way even if the trend comes and goes, you can still wear the pieces through the seasons since they won’t be overwhelming. Imagine this one-shoulder top below in statement pink. while it might be great at the beginning of summer when everything is big and bright, you might find it difficult to wear as the season goes on, eventually leaving it behind in your wardrobe. If you go for a neutral colour like this linen white, you will find it a lot easier to wear, and won’t be limited to a short period of time. Neutral colours like white, beige, black or grey go from season to season – even years. So while the trend might go away, you will still be able to wear the pieces you love and look chic and sophisticated (and get the most of your money spent).

4. Comfort is key when it comes to shoes.
Not saying you should go ahead and wear your crocs out to dinner, but have you ever spent time in shoes that might look good but were just destroying your feet? Is there anything pleasant about not being able to walk because your shoes are digging in your skin, having your feet turn red when there’s not enough space for your toes and they are cramped on top of each other, or blisters ruining your slingbacks? All of these are no-nos. And sadly, all these are often the case with designer shoes! You sacrifice comfort for looks, and looks for pain. Instead, try to go for comfortable if only slightly more affordable shoes like block heels (definitely easier to walk in than stilettos), lower heels (please don’t take the risk to break your neck because your heels are too high), or open-toe sandals (just make sure that the toe strap isn’t too tight – don’t be afraid to take a half size up). 

5. Smaller statement bags.
I personally believe that bags should be where you bring the “wow factor”. I love wearing a bag that will get people wondering where I got it from, and it is always a great conversation starter. But when it comes to keeping it sophisticated, try going for a smaller one (that’s also going to be a bit more budget friendly!). Definitely play around with colours, textures, shapes,… but stick to a clutch size. That way, you can show off your playful fashionable style while still looking elegant (not really chic when you see someone dressed up but carrying a huge hobo or tote bag that throws the entire look off). A huge trend right now is beads, so you can find a way to incorporate that in your accessories – and again if you stick to a neutral colour you will be able to use it a lot more in the future!


Stylish on a budget | shopping smart | backless shirt | blue jeans | marie's bazaar | bangs | floral clutch Stylish on a budget | shopping smart | backless shirt | blue jeans | marie's bazaar | bangs | floral clutch Stylish on a budget | shopping smart | backless shirt | blue jeans | marie's bazaar | bangs | floral clutch

Outfit details:
Top: Zara ($49.90) // Pants: Dynamite ($54.95)
Shoes: Le Chateau ($59.95) // Bag: Zara ($49.90)
Bangs: Fancy Fringe ($59) // Bracelet: Roma Jewelry ($89.99)


Stylish on a budget | shopping smart | backless shirt | blue jeans | marie's bazaar | bangs | floral clutch Stylish on a budget | shopping smart | backless shirt | blue jeans | marie's bazaar | bangs | floral clutch

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