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Coffee Date: Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Last month I announced I wanted to be a little more personal with all you guys, and let you know who I am (while learning about you too). I’ve been so touched by all the messages and emails sent to me after sharing my experience with moving across the world on my own at a young age, so I wanted this one to be about something just as close to my heart but more recent – and actually something I am still in the middle of as I type this.


Coffee Date: Change is Scary


Hello hello friends. This is my/our first “Coffee Date” aka our monthly get-to-know-each-other post. I am not sure how to start this, but as I mentioned before I want to turn this blog into more than just sharing outfits (don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of that!) this year, and was thinking what would be the first “deeper” post I would write about. Then I just realized, why not start at the beginning, the life I found in Canada (or more specifically how to deal with completely changing your life).

A little background info about me: as some of you might already know, I live in Canada at the moment but actually come from Belgium, in Europe. I was born and grew up there until I was 18 and then was sent (I wasn’t entirely on board with this decision and went back and forth about it with my parents until finally agreeing) to Canada to learn English after my last year of high school. It is somewhat of a tradition in …