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cold and romance

The days are getting colder and colder here, and soon we will have to completely say goodbye to all the Fall pieces of clothing in order to be ready for the very brutal Winter that is coming. It is barely the beginning of December and the snow has been covering everything for a week now! When you think about winter fashion, especially here in Canada, …

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sweater weather

This week, I couldn’t pick only one outfit, because it is becoming SO cold here and all I wear every day is sweaters. Winter (or Fall if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it hasn’t snowed yet) means only one thing: sweater weather! One of the only good things about the dark afternoons and cold weather is the fact that you can wear …


all about that black

Women who wear black lead colorful lives – Neiman Marcus       This is my first weekly outfit post. I finally convinced my dear boyfriend to come outside and take pictures of my outfit yesterday, after days of asking (his answers were “I’m too busy” or “it is raining/snowing outside” but let’s be honest… men just don’t care about these stuff!). So not to …

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