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The wardrobe essential every woman needs

I’ve wanted to share this wardrobe essential for the longest time, but always failed to find one that would be worth sharing. Truth is, I have used “sticky boobs” (that’s how I call them LOL) for years, but never found one that would reach my expectations. Sure, some knockoff versions will hold for one wear – maybe… But they definitely wouldn’t hold under this humidity and heat.

Then I decided to try Nubrathe original sticky bra. (…)

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Launch of the Itty Bitty T. C. Series!

This has been a looong time coming. I’ve had the idea for this series since I started my blog, but was never quite sure how to do it or how to even name it (don’t want to attract the wrong crowd here!).

If you are wondering what the”Itty Bitty T. C. ” is – or the Itty Bitty Titty Committee – chances are you aren’t a member of it. Itty Bitty Titty Committee is a nickname for girls with small boobs! Ha. That’s right, it’s a thing. (…)

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