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Coffee Date: Things I wish I knew before starting a blog

It’s been a little longer than I hoped for since the last time I sat down and started writing a Coffee Date post. Life has been busy and I wanted this one to be good so I decided to take my time! I receive multiple messages every week asking me for tips and tricks to start your own blog, so I figured I would put it all into an article! I am by no means an expert at this, I am just starting out and there are many other people who are doing a far better job than I am – BUT I guess it won’t hurt to share my side of things 🙂

I came up with a LOT of things to say, so to make it easier I will do this is a few different posts covering different areas, starting with “Things I wish I knew before starting a blog”!

1. The kind of blogger you want to be.

Seems pretty obvious, but personally when I started I posted about …


Bloopers 2017: Spring!

Clearly if you are reading this post you want to laugh at my expense – and I am totally fine with it! If you’ve not see the bloopers post I did at the end of 2016 you can find it here, but basically what this is about is just a round up of the funniest photos that didn’t make it to blog posts (for obvious reasons!). I am either being bossy, no-so-patiently waiting, re-adjusting what I am wearing in very delicate ways, or even falling down, so hopefully I get to draw a smile on your face at least once before the end of the article! …


A day at the Nordik Spa

A few days ago, Amira from On Closet Nine and I were lucky enough to get hosted by the Nordik Spa for a day of entire relaxation and pampering – which we both desperately needed! It was her first time at the spa in Chelsea (which BTW is the largest spa in North America!!) but I have been there enough in the past years to know my way around blindfolded. Tho I have to say they have grown immensely since the last time I went it was almost like I had never been myself! …


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Smashbox Liquid Lipsticks review

Goooood afternoon beautiful friends! I am SO SO excited to share this post with you, because first of all I had so much fun working on it, but mostly because I am slightly in LOVE with all these brand new Smashbox liquid lipsticks! …



Taking care of my skin from the inside with Vida Glow

Bonjour lovelies! I’m back with a new skincare post, but this time I want to talk to you about how you can improve your skin, hair, and nails from within. Healthy glowing skin is something everyone dreams of, and if you are like me and dealing with breakouts or dry skin (I have even realized this winter has been killer on my hair) then you need to keep reading this.

The past year has been the toughest one for my skin, due to a lot of …


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