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The best slouchy boots to base all your outfits on this season

Feeling like I can conquer the world (or at least the fall season) in these slouchy boots. I’m not usually a big fan of heeled boots – although I have worn some in the past – but these had to come home with me. I love how versatile they are, and am already planning my fall outfit vibes around them: clearly they are meant to be worn with everything from flowy midi-length dresses, skinny jeans, pencil skirts,… 


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Transitioning to fall 101: the tuxedo dress

I’m a summer lover, so when it is time to start transitioning to the next season I try to find pieces that will allow me to still have the best of both worlds like this blazer dress. Still totally feeling like summer with my bare legs and cropped sleeves, yet slowly introducing plaids and darker fabrics (…)

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A summer carnival & this pink cotton candy dress

A few days ago I convinced my friend Michelle (not much convincing needed, actually) to go to the fair with me – because I am basically a little girl living in a grown-up’s body. My love for cotton candy is unreal (always has been), and if (…)

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What to wear to attend an end of summer wedding

Last minute wedding guest outfit inspiration – or if you are like me: end of summer vacation inspo! Totally planning on (…)

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