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Bloopers 2017: Spring!

Clearly if you are reading this post you want to laugh at my expense – and I am totally fine with it! If you’ve not see the bloopers post I did at the end of 2016 you can find it here, but basically what this is about is just a round up of the funniest photos that didn’t make it to blog posts (for obvious reasons!). I am either being bossy, no-so-patiently waiting, re-adjusting what I am wearing in very delicate ways, or even falling down, so hopefully I get to draw a smile on your face at least once before the end of the article! …


A day at the Nordik Spa

A few days ago, Amira from On Closet Nine and I were lucky enough to get hosted by the Nordik Spa for a day of entire relaxation and pampering – which we both desperately needed! It was her first time at the spa in Chelsea (which BTW is the largest spa in North America!!) but I have been there enough in the past years to know my way around blindfolded. Tho I have to say they have grown immensely since the last time I went it was almost like I had never been myself! …


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Ottawa’s sweetest macaroon shop (or how to get a sugar high)

Hi darling friends, happy Sunday! Today was SUCH a nice day out, first time I was actually able to leave the house in a cardigan – yes you read that right. I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels not to have the cold attack your skin the moment you stick your nose out, and actually be able to walk around and enjoy it! 

Last week, my blogger babe Amira (from On Closet Nine) and I got together and decided to try out Ottawa’s newest macaroon shop in Westboro. Safe to say we are now …

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Golden details that will make her smile

Understated jewelry is what I am all about. You know, the kind that isn’t “in-your-face” but adds that touch of femininity to any outfit. Being into fashion, I have an ever-growing collection of statement necklaces, big colorful earrings, and rings almost as long as my fingers, but these aren’t the ones you will see me wear on a daily basis. They are definitely fun to spice up an outfit, but in my day-to-day life I am much more casual and love jewelry that can be worn without flashing everyone! …



Hi my darlings, happy long weekend!! I wanted to take today slow and not turn on my laptop but I just realized Nordstrom is having its WINTER SALE going on, so I thought I would share with you my favorite ones (since, you know, winter is still going strong here)! And EVERYTHING I linked below is under $100! …


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