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Guest-lecturing at McGill University

Hi everyone! Today’s post is very different than the ones I am used to writing, because it isn’t about an outfit. Ok, it kind of is, because I am still going to show you what I wore and where you can get the items for yourself, but the point of this post isn’t necessarily “fashion”. 

You might know if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you …)

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2017 Bloopers

Hello everyone! 

Just like last year, I decided to share with you some of the funniest photos taken these past 12 months! I went through thousands of photos and picked up my favorite ones, but trust me when I say there were a loooot more I could have added! Apparently I like to talk when getting my photo taken, or the wind just decides to play with me,… either way, I hope these make you laugh!

Things to remember in 2018: not to take yourself too seriously 🙂 (…)


Cruelty-free week: favorite beauty products

I might be the least qualified person to do a post about makeup, considering I pretty much don’t put any on (not because I don’t want to, but because I suck at it). But I thought it would be so interesting to find which products are cruelty-free, and if they are any good – so here I am with a beauty post! (…)

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Cruelty-free week: a day of vegan meals

Welcome back! After Monday’s cruelty-free work outfit, I thought it would be time to share a few recipes of plant-based, vegan meals. Like I said in yesterday’s introduction, I am not vegan – and not even vegetarian. Although I find myself most often going for the meat-free options when going out, it isn’t always so easy to come up with good recipes to cook from home. So I turned myself into your personal food-taster, rolled up my sleeves, and spent the day in the kitchen cooking a storm for an entire day of vegan meals. (…)

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