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What to wear to your next event this summer: #4

Happy 4th of July!! I am sure most of you are out and enjoying America’s birthday today so I will keep it short (I am myself planning on heading out and going to see the new shark movie – which I believe it classified as a horror movie so fingers crossed I make it through the entire film).

PS: this dress comes in THIRTY EIGHT shades! …

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What to wear to your next event this summer: #3

So, what started as a way to connect two posts together under the name “What to wear to your next event this summer” is now turning into a series, because you guys I have a TON of outfits that are perfect for anything you have planned this summer! Including this dress, which is exactly the same as the one I wore here – and I think I am in love with this …

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what to wear to your next event this summer: #2

This is my second look for the edit I did with Dynamite Clothing and their summer edition, and I have to confess: I love this dress SO much I actually have it in the berry color too (which I wore yesterday and will be showing you real soon) and I am eyeing the baby blue one! I cannot think of a more appropriate dress to wear at events you’ve RSVP’ed this summer. She (yeah, this dress is definitely a girl in my mind) is $50 and comes in 4 beautiful colors, they are a silky material, completely open in the back, the straps are adjustable, and don’t fear the wrap style because it is all tied in so you cannot flash anyone! So basically I dare you to find something wrong with this dress. 

In case you missed it last week, my first RSVP look is right here. 🙂


what to wear to your next event this summer: #1

Couple things I want to tell you about this look. First, this jumpsuit is under $60 and should be the one you reach for when RSVPing to any event this summer! Second, I have just been interviewed by Dynamite (!!!!) – aka my favorite store, in case you have not noticed I wear them all the time – about their summer collection, featuring this look!!! Can’t even tell you how excited I am and how …