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24 HOURS in Montreal – where to stay & giveaway

Happy Daylight Saving day!! It is almost 6pm and still sunny, and making everyone feel like spring is right around the corner! Now if only the cold would go away too…

As you might already know if you’re following that I had a 24h trip to Montreal on Monday – totally last minute! AKA I had no place to sleep and my train was leaving within 6h of agreeing to go… a situation that can seriously stress someone out! Especially me, since I need to …



Winter Holidays in Belgium

Location: all over Belgium

Hi guys! Happy Sunday (or Monday depending on when you see this). This post has been a long time coming, so I am finally sharing a whole bunch of photos for my time in Belgium over the holidays!

Maybe you don’t know this, but I am actually from there so I do go back quite a lot to spend time with my mom, dad, and two brothers (and the extended clan). This year I was there a liiittle longer than expected since I …


Visiting Paris in December


The last week of 2016, I got the chance to spend a couple of days in Paris (not at all planned for it, but that’s the beauty of living in Europe)! I believe I took a total of 381 photos, so narrowing it down down to 30 was a bit of a challenge – everything in Paris is worth taking a photo of! …


Quebec City

For the second part of my holiday recap I am taking you back with me to Quebec City, which is one of my favorite places in the entire world. We actually went to QC before Mont Tremblant, between Christmas and NYE. There is nothing quite like it with all the little boutiques and restaurants, and Christmas lights and music in the streets. On Christmas day, …

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magical getaway

Hello lovelies! I hope your weekend was amazing, mine definitely was! My boyfriend and I just celebrated our anniversary and we decided to go celebrate out of town. So we headed to the magical village of Mont-Tremblant, QC. Such a romantic place, where Christmas and Disney perfectly meet. Tons of christmas lights light up the charming streets, with music and restaurants in every direction. In one …

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