How to wear a pleated skirt in winter – pt 2 (& giveaway winners)

Another day, another pleated skirt (on sale!). Recently I’ve been into taking super feminine pieces like this one and making them more “every day wear” – last time I paired a similar skirt with (…)


How to warm up a winter outfit


Winter is cool in every meaning of the word. Not only is it cold (borderline freezing) outside, but we tend to go for more “cool” tones when putting an outfit together – colors like blacks, whites, greys,… Clearly I am not condemning this at all, because obviously I love those colors (wore them all in my last post!), but sometimes it is nice to switch them up and go for a “warmer” (…)


Winter’s biggest trends: 1. Pearls (+ which shoes did I wear?)

Continuing the series of “current season’s biggest trends” like I started in the fall, and this one is one of my favorite ever! Pearls on everything from hats to sweaters to shoes,… I WANT IT ALL.

A few days ago, I polled you guys on Instagram, asking you which pair of shoes I should wear with this dress. I was hesitating between low suede booties or tall leather boots – and judging by the results you were divided pretty much 50/50 between them too! Clearly didn’t help my decision, so I just went with my guts (…)

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2017 Bloopers

Hello everyone! 

Just like last year, I decided to share with you some of the funniest photos taken these past 12 months! I went through thousands of photos and picked up my favorite ones, but trust me when I say there were a loooot more I could have added! Apparently I like to talk when getting my photo taken, or the wind just decides to play with me,… either way, I hope these make you laugh!

Things to remember in 2018: not to take yourself too seriously 🙂 (…)

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