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TWEED jacket

It is Sunday night, I am currently in my PJs with my hair wet from the shower, drinking lemon tea and watching the Oscars. Oh and I have a slice of cheesecake defrosting (I froze it hoping it would keep the temptation away… #fail). My kind of evening, and not at all Instagram-worthy. So, here is a little inspiration for your Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or …) with a casual look dressed up by an adorable tweed jacket.

I’ll be honest, when I hear tweed I immediately think of university professors. Is that …



Boyfriend Jeans & Polka Dots

The days have me feeling all these dark tones like burgundy, deep grey, and black. It’s been snowing for days and we haven’t had any sun coming through the clouds for a while now, so I am going with the flow and sticking to my winter wardrobe – for now.

I talked about my love for this crossbody before (here) and how much I like to pair it with other deep reds like this scarf. An outfit is always taken up a notch when a scarf is involved, and when it is cold outside they are the best way to combine practical with stylish!
I just got this lantern-sleeve sweater (and up until yesterday I thought …

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Oversized Grey Cardigan with Bubble Sleeves

I am smitten by this oversized cozy cardigan and love how it paired with this crossbody bag. The sleeves are what drew me to it to it initially, but I guess I am slightly biased because I have a thing for sleeves. Seriously though, the fact that you can wrap yourself in it and be warm and still look put together is so important (at least to me) when shopping for a cardi. I am wearing a size M Petite (they are almost sold out of the regular sizes so I went up one size in the petite section and it fits great).

Burgundy-wine color is so in right now, and looks amazing matched with …

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