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Fall Bucket List: Hiking

“Autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Camus.

There is something magical about experiencing fall like we do here in Canada, because let’s be real: Canada does it best. We might not have a real spring season (jumping from -30 to +30 in the span of a few weeks), but DANG we have fall.

I love being outdoors all year long – OK maybe a little less in freezing temps – and hiking is one of my favourite activities to do. I walk every day, but that’s mostly to get from point A to point B aka not to (…)


Ottawa Life Magazine x Marie’s Bazaar

A few months ago I had the chance to shoot for the Ottawa Life Magazine, which is a well-known magazine in the capital. I obviously jumped on the occasion, and spent the entire day surrounded by gorgeous fashion bloggers and influencers, at the Andaz hotel overlooking the city! 

The magazine came out last week, and I could NOT be more excited/proud/honoured at how it turned out. That day was such a fun experience, if you told me 2 years ago (or even 6 months ago!) that I would spend a whole Saturday being taken care off, photographed, interviewed, and handed out …

PS: my pink sweater is from Asos and is on sale right now (shop it here) and my black dress is from Dynamite but sold out (similar here).

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Casual Long Cardi & Loafers


Sharing with you my LAST look pre-snowpocalypse! The next time the ground will be visible will be in March or April next year sooooo sorry in advance for the amount of snow you’ll see in my photos from now on.

This look is one that I wear all the time. T-shirt with jeans and a cardigan AND …

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White Boyfriend Blazer

You know those days it starts raining right when you were not expecting it? Yeah, I don’t like them either. Especially when you spend time doing your hair and Mother Nature just decides to have some fun at …

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Raspberry Tunic & Bow Booties


First off, let me tell you that these photos were taken the day before the snow-pocalypse came down on us, and that if you saw this place right now you wouldn’t be able to recognized it! 
Last Friday, I met Michelle from Mash-Elle.com for coffee downtown, and believe it or not we …

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