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24 HOURS in Montreal – where to stay & giveaway

Happy Daylight Saving day!! It is almost 6pm and still sunny, and making everyone feel like spring is right around the corner! Now if only the cold would go away too…

As you might already know if you’re following that I had a 24h trip to Montreal on Monday – totally last minute! AKA I had no place to sleep and my train was leaving within 6h of agreeing to go… a situation that can seriously stress someone out! Especially me, since I need to …



KNOT top & giveaway

For the past two weeks, every Wednesday I shared with you an outfit styled with blush pink shoes. Today’s final look is SERIOUSLY inspired by spring (and my desire for it to arrive, like, yesterday)!

My color combo of choice lately has been pairing together greys, white, and blush tones. There is nothing more refreshing and feminine, and it is getting me in the mood for when the cherry blossoms will take over the city! 

I am loving wearing sweaters that fall off my shoulders, and this knit 



SLIP dress & giveaway

Hi lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week so far 🙂 Mine has been a mix of dentist/eye doctor appointments, girls night out, and shooting for the blog – which believe it or not is serious WORK! It is still pretty cold here, the days we are above zero degrees are considered “warm” sooo you can imagine shooting in dresses and spring shoes has its challenges… BUT I love it, so no complains here, just a constant runny nose.

This dress has been on my rack with unworn clothes for months. I think I actually got it in October, and couldn’t figure out how to style it without it being too out …



BLUSH details & giveaway

Bonjour my darlings! Something so exciting is happening today, right here and right now: do you remember the giveaways Michelle and I hosted this past holiday season (#MsFavoriteThings)? Well we are back and offering you a chance to win THREE pairs of shoes from our favorite Marc Fisher!!
I am personally obsessed with every single style they have, including this lace-up one that I am wearing. It might not be Valentine’s Day anymore, but I am planning on wearing blush pink sandals aaaaaaaall day every day! You can enter at the end of this post, and stick around to see how I style other pairs in the next few days (giving you inspiration for when you get your own!).

The rest of my outfit is by Dynamite – which as you may know I am a huge fan of – AND my skirt is on sale for …



5 Days of Christmas: FIVE


It’s the last day of our 5 days of giveaways and we saved a good one for last!! If you know/follow me you know I am a HUGE bag lady! So it only made sense to team up with none other than Gigi New York to give one of you ladies a $250 gift card (or if you prefer you can get the same bag Michelle and I are both featuring!)!!!!! 

Bags have always been my favorite thing to purchase and I still get …

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