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Polka dot-ing with Sears Canada’s new private label

A few days ago I decided it was time to switch my winter clothes for my summer ones, and let me tell you: there is NOTHING more satisfying than to pack your sweaters and coats away. And let me tell you this too: there is nothing WORST than having to reopen a box to get out a coat because it got cold again. April, please stop.

In December, I teamed up with Sears Canada to show you how they completely rebranded …

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ADD embroidery to your spring style

Patiently waiting for spring be like… Yeah it didn’t work and actually started snowing on us while taking these photos (and for the first time we actually couldn’t make it through to another outfit… sigh).

I may have 10 different pairs of jeans – that one might say look exactly identical – but for some reason I have had only one denim jacket. Until now. This embroidery jacket is giving me ALL the feels, it fits and feels so comfortable on, and I LOVE the …



N’importe Quoi T-shirt & Leather Jacket

I’ll be honest and immediately tell you that it looks colder in the photos than it actually was. The snow isn’t helping and is making it look like I am a crazy person standing in the streets without a coat – but the temperatures have been so good for a January in Canada! And as I type this I check my weather app and see that the next week will average -9 to -17 celcius… So we are pretty done with mild winter weather. Anyways.

There nothing quite like a cozy tee that you can style with everything in your closet (even your PJs). I am such a sucker for being comfortable while still feeling stylish, which is …

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Cold-Shoulders & Sneakers

This casual look might be one of my favorite for the weekend. I have been searching high and low for a cute pair of white sneakers for months now, and finally found my match when I was in Europe a couple of weeks ago (I cannot believe how fast the time flies!!). These are so cool because they are kind of leather-y and not fabric like the ones who can find more easily, and they are less than $40 which makes it reeeally easy to pull the plug. I can’t wait for spring and summer (and tan legs) to wear these with …

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OTK Brown Boots & Braided Back


This is a HUGE favorite outfit of mine right now, I am obsessed with these boots – how flattering are they! I kept telling Sara when she was taking the photos that I felt like a supermodel off-duty. I mean, if a pair of shoes can make you feel that way it is a winner no??!! I cannot wait to wear them all through the next months and in spring with a floral dress, but for now they are keeping me warm (it’s like a second layer on my legs!).

I am pretty sure I am wearing this sweater backwards, but …

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