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Things I miss most about Europe (+ where to stay in Italy)

This is a good one. I actually have been thinking of doing post about the biggest differences (in my opinion) between life in Europe and life in North America. If you are new to my blog (welcome!) I am Belgian and grew up there, now in Canada for the past 10 years. Here, you are all caught up. 🙂

Just a reminder this is completely from my own point of view, and might not be the same for everyone else. (…)

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Smile Brighter with Pop Smile


If you haven’t noticed yet, it is impossible for me to take a photo and not smile in it. Smiling comes so naturally to me, it was only a matter of time until I found the perfect way to keep my pearly whites… well white. 

I never promote a brand I don’t like or haven’t tried for myself, which is why I spent the last 9 …

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sudio earphones

This is definitely the one gift you can be sure no one is going to return or exchange. Combining practicality and style, these wireless earphones are the one thing I didn’t know I needed, and now I can’t think of ever using regular earphones again! Created by the Swedish brand Sudio, these Vasa Bla earbuds are hitting the note on every level: the quality of sound …

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Foreo Cleansing Brush

Today I am sharing with you one of my new beauty secrets to keep my skin clear and radiant: the Foreo Luna brush. This tiny (and pretty) pink brush vibrates to deep clean and cleanse your face, and to fight the first signs of aging. I always struggled to find the best way to clean my face, simply because I felt like using my hands wasn’t …

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Date Night Makeup Tutorial – Video

Hi guys!! I’m back with video #2 and this time it is a makeup tutorial! I’m really not the best at applying makeup but I find this look super fun and glamorous for a date night so I decided to try and show you how I do it! I hope you like it, and please if you haven’t already, subscribe to my  YouTube channel and …

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