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RUTHIE grace

There is NOTHING better than a big, slouchy, cozy, knit sweater. Like, for real. I have always been more of a “let’s stay home and cuddle” kind of girl versus “let’s go out and party”, which means I have a prrreeettty big collection of all the sweaters you might want to throw on and relax in. But this one is high on top of my list right now! I absolutely LOVE how oversized it fits, and can be worn either off-shoulder like I did, or normally over the shoulders. Plus the color is absolutely the best for spring, especially paired with white jeans!

White is good all year long. Let’s be honest, that rule where you can’t wear white after Labor Day is just garbage. And I am so glad it is, because these jeans are just too good to be waiting in the closet! I am dying over the side zippers and the pleats in the front. But the BEST part about them is …


TRANSITIONAL off-shoulder

Can’t stop, won’t stop with the off shoulder trend! One of my favorite ever. And this sweater is sooo soft! I’ve worn it twice already and only got it last week… And I don’t regret a thing!

This bag is seriously the perfect size, and it comes in a bunch of different colors – if you follow me on …


Off-shoulder & ruffle pink dress


Ok, ok, I know I am taking it pretty far with this off-shoulder trend and I promise I am trying to control myself (I have only worn one other off-shoulder piece this week) but I could not resist this dress – especially since it is …

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Off-shoulder & tassel dress

Let me start by telling you that this dress is selling out – FAST! So before you read more, even before you finish this sentence, you need to go order (or pre-order your size) before it sells out and you find yourself heartbroken. Ok …

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