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Fall Bucket List: Hiking

“Autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Camus.

There is something magical about experiencing fall like we do here in Canada, because let’s be real: Canada does it best. We might not have a real spring season (jumping from -30 to +30 in the span of a few weeks), but DANG we have fall.

I love being outdoors all year long – OK maybe a little less in freezing temps – and hiking is one of my favourite activities to do. I walk every day, but that’s mostly to get from point A to point B aka not to (…)


Outerwear & Over-The-Knee


One of my favorite things to shop for is outerwear. I love to get new coats and jackets, especially when the days are colder since they will be a big part of your outfit. But finding the right one can be hard, especially when there is so much choice out there! What got me into this one was …

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