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Ottawa’s sweetest macaroon shop (or how to get a sugar high)

Hi darling friends, happy Sunday! Today was SUCH a nice day out, first time I was actually able to leave the house in a cardigan – yes you read that right. I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels not to have the cold attack your skin the moment you stick your nose out, and actually be able to walk around and enjoy it! 

Last week, my blogger babe Amira (from On Closet Nine) and I got together and decided to try out Ottawa’s newest macaroon shop in Westboro. Safe to say we are now …

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How to defy aging early on with Conture

Taking care of my skin has been one of my top priorities this year (especially considering I suffered with breakouts and now trying to recover the skin I once had). When 2017 rolled in I decided that I would spend more time finding the right products and tools for my face, and stick to them. Too many times have I jumped from products to products without giving them time to actually work their magic – I am too impatient to wait to see results – so this year I am challenging myself to try less but longer. Do I make sense? …


Murad Canada review

You know when they say you should moisturize every day to reduce the effects of aging – even when you are in your 20s? Yeah I didn’t do that, and I am now 26 and can already see my body acting differently than it did 5 years ago! I am not joking when I tell you that it actually took me DAYS to recover from my latest hungover over the holidays (granted I almost never drink so when I do it has a tendency to affect me… a lot). Not even mentioning the occasional grey hair I find, or the fact that I am now the happiest about spending an evening on the couch… 

So when Murad Canada and I decided to work together for a review, I immediately jumped on the occasion to give my body a much needed boost – and get some firming cream for my legs! I haven’t been working out …

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Orogold Brightening Collection


It has been a while since I’ve done a review of some of the beauty products I use, so I am dedicating today’s post to updating you on my skincare routine! A few weeks ago, I mentioned I had been struggling with acne and had finally found a product that was helping (see this post) – and now that …


Say Hello to Sexy Legs


I’ve decided to share with you one of my secrets to flawless (well, as flawless as could be achieved!) legs: Say Hello to Sexy Legs! Sold exclusively at Sephora, this 3 step miracle product is the best thing available to contour your …