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TWEED jacket

It is Sunday night, I am currently in my PJs with my hair wet from the shower, drinking lemon tea and watching the Oscars. Oh and I have a slice of cheesecake defrosting (I froze it hoping it would keep the temptation away… #fail). My kind of evening, and not at all Instagram-worthy. So, here is a little inspiration for your Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or …) with a casual look dressed up by an adorable tweed jacket.

I’ll be honest, when I hear tweed I immediately think of university professors. Is that …



Black on black layering look


Black on black on black on black. Feeling the cold season vibes with this one, am I? That’s a rhetorical question, I am actually pretty sad to be putting away all my summer dresses. I don’t usually pull out an all-black …

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