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SLIP dress & giveaway

Hi lovelies! I hope you are all having a great week so far 🙂 Mine has been a mix of dentist/eye doctor appointments, girls night out, and shooting for the blog – which believe it or not is serious WORK! It is still pretty cold here, the days we are above zero degrees are considered “warm” sooo you can imagine shooting in dresses and spring shoes has its challenges… BUT I love it, so no complains here, just a constant runny nose.

This dress has been on my rack with unworn clothes for months. I think I actually got it in October, and couldn’t figure out how to style it without it being too out …



TWEED jacket

It is Sunday night, I am currently in my PJs with my hair wet from the shower, drinking lemon tea and watching the Oscars. Oh and I have a slice of cheesecake defrosting (I froze it hoping it would keep the temptation away… #fail). My kind of evening, and not at all Instagram-worthy. So, here is a little inspiration for your Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or …) with a casual look dressed up by an adorable tweed jacket.

I’ll be honest, when I hear tweed I immediately think of university professors. Is that …