A summer carnival & this pink cotton candy dress

A few days ago I convinced my friend Michelle (not much convincing needed, actually) to go to the fair with me – because I am basically a little girl living in a grown-up’s body. My love for cotton candy is unreal (always has been), and if (…)

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What to wear to attend an end of summer wedding

Last minute wedding guest outfit inspiration – or if you are like me: end of summer vacation inspo! Totally planning on (…)

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The wardrobe essential every woman needs

I’ve wanted to share this wardrobe essential for the longest time, but always failed to find one that would be worth sharing. Truth is, I have used “sticky boobs” (that’s how I call them LOL) for years, but never found one that would reach my expectations. Sure, some knockoff versions will hold for one wear – maybe… But they definitely wouldn’t hold under this humidity and heat.

Then I decided to try Nubrathe original sticky bra. (…)

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Summer’s biggest trends: yellow


The color I have been in love with all summer long! I never thought I would wear anything yellow (always thought it would wash me out), but this is the 4th yellow dress I own and I. Am. Obsessed.

This one is from Dynamite (still in stock in all sizes!) and combines everything I love in a dress: (…)

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A typical day as a digital influencer

This is always one of my favorite posts to read on other people’s blogs, so I decided to do one myself (satisfy the curiosity of so many who always DM and ask how bloggers spend their days)! Here’s how a regular day goes for me:


Wake up. One of the perks of working from home!


Morning tea – I am currently doing the Purgo Tea Tox. I don’t drink coffee or (…)

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