24 HOURS in Montreal – where to stay & giveaway

Happy Daylight Saving day!! It is almost 6pm and still sunny, and making everyone feel like spring is right around the corner! Now if only the cold would go away too…

As you might already know if you’re following that I had a 24h trip to Montreal on Monday – totally last minute! AKA I had no place to sleep and my train was leaving within 6h of agreeing to go… a situation that can seriously stress someone out! Especially me, since I need to …




KNOT top & giveaway

For the past two weeks, every Wednesday I shared with you an outfit styled with blush pink shoes. Today’s final look is SERIOUSLY inspired by spring (and my desire for it to arrive, like, yesterday)!

My color combo of choice lately has been pairing together greys, white, and blush tones. There is nothing more refreshing and feminine, and it is getting me in the mood for when the cherry blossoms will take over the city! 

I am loving wearing sweaters that fall off my shoulders, and this knit 



JEANS with Reitmans

One item you will find more than anything else in my closet is jeans. I live in them and have them in every shade and fit imaginable. Yet, I still get SO excited when I find a new pair that I love, and always feel like a new woman when I wear them for the first time!

This pair is from Reitmans, with whom I am partnering this spring to show you all the new trends they are coming with. These jeans are part of their “Renew You” campaign, and are quickly becoming some of my favorite ones. They seriously fit ah-mazingly well, are slightly …


FRESH makeup tutorial

Bonjour lovely friends, and happy almost Friday. After getting a ton of requests on how I do my everyday makeup, I decided to break down with you one of my most recent looks. 
I will be straight-forward and say that I am in no way a makeup pro, I can barely put on bronzer without looking like I got a horrible spray tan, and most days (like 5 days a week!) I don’t put on anything at all. BUT I do love pampering myself, and having a pretty face on makes me feel like I can conquer the world – and isn’t that the whole point of makeup anyways?

This look probably took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish, and only using about less than 10 products. …