What you need to know about microblading your eyebrows

Finally something related to beauty! I was starting to feel like I was ignoring that category in my menu… Clearly I am not the best at hair and makeup.

This post is a long-time coming, since the whole process started at the end of April. The reason I waited so long to share it with all you guys is because I wanted my eyebrows to fully heal and get used to their new situation, before talking to you about my experience.
In April, I got my first session of eyebrow tattooing – commonly known as microblading. Well, actually, the first …

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Smocked off-shoulder top and favorite trousers

100% honesty: I stole this top from Michelle. Well, she gave it to me after I gave her one of my dresses. Ah the pleasures of having a blogger friend who wears approx. the same clothing and shoe size as you!!

I wasn’t sure how it would photograph, because some things can look awfully cute one …

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Self Portrait designer dress dupe for under $130!

Just sitting down staring at my screen and trying to find the words to describe how much I like this dress… I usually can’t shut up for 15 mins in my life (I used to get grounded by all my teachers when I was young because I couldn’t stop talking to everyone in the class), but this is leaving me speechless. I just love it that much.

It is actually a dupe for the Self Portrait one – which retails for $475!!! This one hits …

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How to stay fit when you hate the gym

Sharing a bit of a different type of posts today. I’ve been getting questions pretty regularly about what I do/eat to stay healthy – especially since I hate working out! Sooo I figured I would let you guys in and tell you what a typical day in my kitchen looks like (and how I manage to stay somewhat fit even tho I haven’t stepped foot in a gym since January… #noshame #okalittlebitofshame). …


Summer’s most flattering yellow dress

Been waiting for weeks to share this dress on the blog, because well I think it is gorgeous – and from what I understand from your response when I posted it on IG: you think so too!

For only $65, this Dress The Population dupe (the original is $298!)

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