Day date outfit ideas

This post is called “day date outfit ideas”, but it could just as well be called “girl’s day outfit ideas” or “I just want to look cute today outfit ideas”. 

Getting dressed for a date is often stressful. Having been in a relationship for the better part of a decade, you’d think outfits and dates don’t really matter anymore but they do! I personally find it so important to keep treating your relationship like if it had just began, meaning paying attention to the little details like what to wear on a date. (…)

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My experience with Invisalign

Let me start by saying that this is in no way sponsored by Invisalign. I did pay for the treatment out of my own pocket (and dad’s) and I in no way force you to do the same as there are other less expensive ways to go about fixing your teeth. I also am so sorry about the quality of the BEFORE photo, as I had no idea at the time that (…)


This summer’s best white dresses


Summer and white dresses seem to be two peas in a pod. I personally believe that white dresses were made for summer days, tan skin, tangled hair, and wide smiles. Every year I end up with a brand new (…)

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How to be the best dressed wedding guest

Since we kicked off wedding season, what more appropriate than a round up of the best outfits for all the ceremonies and receptions coming up? Deciding what to wear is always stressful, unless you are part of the bridal party. And while we all put more pressure on ourselves to look our best, there is only really one rule: (…)

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The cutest mini dresses under $100

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends isn’t always easy – or cheap. I sometimes struggle to find items that will both fit my personal taste and my wallet.
Now that we are almost into summer, it is time to show off those legs in some (…)

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