Cruelty-free week: night out outfit

Happy Friday! Last day of this vegan & cruelty-free week, and finishing with an outfit you’ll want to wear this weekend. After sharing a work-appropriate look and a very casual look, I thought I would end with a date-night/night out look that will make you feel like a million bucks (without actually costing like one). (…)


Cruelty-free week: favorite beauty products

I might be the least qualified person to do a post about makeup, considering I pretty much don’t put any on (not because I don’t want to, but because I suck at it). But I thought it would be so interesting to find which products are cruelty-free, and if they are any good – so here I am with a beauty post! (…)

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Cruelty-free week: casual outfit

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today’s cruelty-free post is all about comfort and casual style – aka jeans and faux-leather.

If you didn’t know, denim is 100% vegan! YAY! I’m one of those (…)

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Cruelty-free week: a day of vegan meals

Welcome back! After Monday’s cruelty-free work outfit, I thought it would be time to share a few recipes of plant-based, vegan meals. Like I said in yesterday’s introduction, I am not vegan – and not even vegetarian. Although I find myself most often going for the meat-free options when going out, it isn’t always so easy to come up with good recipes to cook from home. So I turned myself into your personal food-taster, rolled up my sleeves, and spent the day in the kitchen cooking a storm for an entire day of vegan meals. (…)

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Cruelty-free week: work outfit

Hi friends, happy Monday!
I am so excited, because this week I am doing something different on here. A few weeks ago I asked you all on Instagram if you had anything special you’d like to see coming from me, and several asked if I could share cruelty-free/vegan content. (…)

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