How to wear flats and still kick ass


Rounding up 13 of my favorite outfits with flats.

If I could get away with never wearing heels ever again, I know I would (with the exception of kitten heels of course!). I have always preferred flats to heels, for so many reason but the first one being DANG (…)

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7 ways to style a basic white tee


If I had to list my top 5 favorite items of clothing, you can be sure you’d see “white tee” high on that list! Especially now that summer is here and sometimes you just want to be comfy (but throwing on your favorite sweater is just not possible).

I manage to take photos of 7 outfits styled with a white tee – but trust me my most often worn combo is (…)

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Guest room makeover on a budget

We’ve been living in our apartment for more than 4 years (5 in November). And up until now, our second room went from an office, to a closet, to a cloffice (closet AND office), and now it is a guest room! I finally pulled the plug after having welcomed so many people in the past few months – first my mom for two weeks, then my friend Michelle who stays over often and has (HAD) to sleep on the couch,… I felt terrible. But not anymore!!

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing all these people redoing their houses and they seem to have endless pockets with endless funds. That wasn’t the case for me, and I didn’t particularly feel like I wanted to spend $$$$ on a guest room (no matter how much I love our guests)! (…)

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Easy 4 ingredients ombre piña colada (non alcoholic)

Summer is in a week, and with that means BBQ, pool parties, and frozen drinks! 

My favorite cocktail has always been a piña colada, I mean give me all the pineapple in the world and it still wouldn’t be enough. True story, I can eat an entire pineapple (…) 

This recipe only requires 4 ingredients (including ice!), so clearly it couldn’t be easier than that. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to make!

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My modern take on the traditional date night look


Following up with yesterday’s day date outfit ideas: date night! I feel that was as predictable as if I said “following Monday: Tuesday!” (:
Honestly though, when I think of date nights I think a LBD, red lips, high heels, and a cute clutch. I feel that’s the “traditional” outfit every girl throws on when heading out for the night. The number of times I reached out for my little black dresses cannot be counted on my fingers and toes, and I still do today especially when (…)


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