Boyfriend Jeans & Polka Dots

The days have me feeling all these dark tones like burgundy, deep grey, and black. It’s been snowing for days and we haven’t had any sun coming through the clouds for a while now, so I am going with the flow and sticking to my winter wardrobe – for now.

I talked about my love for this crossbody before (here) and how much I like to pair it with other deep reds like this scarf. An outfit is always taken up a notch when a scarf is involved, and when it is cold outside they are the best way to combine practical with stylish!
I just got this lantern-sleeve sweater (and up until yesterday I thought …

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Business Casual with Reitmans

Happy Sunday! I am so excite to partner with Reitmans for the next couple of months and share with you a bunch of spring-ready looks, as part of their “Renew You” campaign. I always loved the styles at Reitmans, in between business and casual vibes. Which is why it was a no-brainer when I saw this knit blazer (also available in hot pink!!). I personally don’t work in an office, but I do love to be able to dress up for meetings or coffee dates, and this blazer is perfect for those occasions. I wanted to kind of keep that mood going, so I paired it with a classic blouse with some …


Coffee Date: Change is Scary


Hello hello friends. This is my/our first “Coffee Date” aka our monthly get-to-know-each-other post. I am not sure how to start this, but as I mentioned before I want to turn this blog into more than just sharing outfits (don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of that!) this year, and was thinking what would be the first “deeper” post I would write about. Then I just realized, why not start at the beginning, the life I found in Canada (or more specifically how to deal with completely changing your life).

A little background info about me: as some of you might already know, I live in Canada at the moment but actually come from Belgium, in Europe. I was born and grew up there until I was 18 and then was sent (I wasn’t entirely on board with this decision and went back and forth about it with my parents until finally agreeing) to Canada to learn English after my last year of high school. It is somewhat of a tradition in …


N’importe Quoi T-shirt & Leather Jacket

I’ll be honest and immediately tell you that it looks colder in the photos than it actually was. The snow isn’t helping and is making it look like I am a crazy person standing in the streets without a coat – but the temperatures have been so good for a January in Canada! And as I type this I check my weather app and see that the next week will average -9 to -17 celcius… So we are pretty done with mild winter weather. Anyways.

There nothing quite like a cozy tee that you can style with everything in your closet (even your PJs). I am such a sucker for being comfortable while still feeling stylish, which is …

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Murad Canada review

You know when they say you should moisturize every day to reduce the effects of aging – even when you are in your 20s? Yeah I didn’t do that, and I am now 26 and can already see my body acting differently than it did 5 years ago! I am not joking when I tell you that it actually took me DAYS to recover from my latest hungover over the holidays (granted I almost never drink so when I do it has a tendency to affect me… a lot). Not even mentioning the occasional grey hair I find, or the fact that I am now the happiest about spending an evening on the couch… 

So when Murad Canada and I decided to work together for a review, I immediately jumped on the occasion to give my body a much needed boost – and get some firming cream for my legs! I haven’t been working out …

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